PrimeSafe Alcohol Surface Spray

Active Ingredients:

PrimeSafe Alcohol Surface Spray contains 70% v/v Isopropylol; 30% Inert Ingredients


Product characteristics:

User friendly, stable, Efficacy first, Safe, Convenient, Versatile


Recommended Uses:

Clinical Surface disinfection. Laboratory surface and equipment disinfection. Disinfection of items where a water-based product cannot be used.


Instructions for use:

Thoroughly pre-clean and rinse the surface wherever possible. Spray PrimeSafe Alcohol Surface Spray uniformly over the surface from a distance of about 30cm away, ensuring that the surface is completely covered. Allow the surface to dry naturally, or for a minimum contact time of 1 minute, prior to using the surface again.



Latex gloves for sensitive skin, however OHSA requires the use of eye protection & good ventilation when mixing, handling or discarding chemical disinfectants.


Product Description:

Available sizes: 20L, 5L, 1L Trigger Spray

Dilution Factor: Ready to use

Physical Form: Translucent liquid

Odour: Mild alcohol odour

pH: 6.5-7.5

Risk Classification: B / IIa

GMDN Code: 47631

GMDN Descriptor: Medical Device Disinfectant

 NRCS Reg. no.: ACT5GNR529/242613/090/0781

Medical Device Reg. No.: Awaiting Registration Call-up

 Incompatibility: Do not mix with other chemicals

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