Dental Lasers

In the past, many dental practitioners were sceptical about the benefits of laser dentistry. However this is no longer the case. Today, more and more dentists are finding that patients prefer laser therapy to conventional procedures when indicated. And the reasons why are obvious. After all, laser dentistry is less painful and traumatic than conventional forms of treatment, patient down time is less and healing time is faster. Plus there's no bleeding.

Elexxion Patented Digitally Pulse technology and High Power output enables fast work:

The combination of a high power output and extremely short pulse duration of  2.5 μs*;

  • prevents unwanted thermal damage to the tissue;
  • enables very high cutting speed and precision;
  • allows superior haemostasis;
  • and as a result ensures accelerated healing with little pain. (*2,5 μs = 0,0000025 seconds)

The right wavelength:

The 808 nm wavelength has been proven in hundreds of clinical studies, making it the most rigorously scientifically tested wavelength in the dental field.

The elexxion Claros with high 50 watt pulse output enables extremely fast cutting speed, opening up new therapies such as SNORE3 and contact-free depigmentation.

There’s no disputing the facts: high-quality dental lasers contribute to the success of a practice, increasing productivity and improving overall patient experience and satisfaction, both during and after treatment.

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