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Ivodent’s Pretoria-based sales rep Estelle Oberholzer told IVOblog that she enjoys selling Intensiv FG burs to her clients as the “quality is so good” and because she can confidently tell them that “they last longer than other burs on the market, due to their high-quality diamond coating.”

Ivodent is a local supplier of a selected range of Intensiv FG burs.

Intensiv is a 70-year-old Swiss dental company that develops and manufactures innovative and superior quality diamond instruments, offering 100% end-control guarantee and zero tolerance. They have become a benchmark for outstanding performance in terms of quality and functionality, both for preparation and finishing and also polishing instruments.  Thanks to constant contact with dental experts and leading university clinics, cutting edge solutions can be discovered for clinical challenges of practicing dentists.

IVOblog also asked some professional Ivodent clients for their feedback:

Dr Paul Van Zyl, Dr PP Van Zyl Inc said, I like the burs as they remain sharp and well-balanced for a considerable time.”

Dr Sean Napier, Kloof Village Dental said, “A few years ago I attended a lecture and the speaker said, ‘if your burs are what they should be, a gentle brush stroke of the fingers is all that’s required for tooth structure removal.’ The Intensiv bur set I have just used does exactly that, no heavy force needed.”

Dr Janel Welgemoed, Long Beach Dental said, “Intensiv dental products are high quality, endurance instrument burs. I do feel they live up to the quality expected of Swiss dental products. I can highly recommend them.”

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