In-Situ Vacuum System Line Detergent-Disinfectant

Active Ingredients:

4.25% 5th Generation Quaternary Ammonium Compound blend


Product characteristics:

Super-concentrated; Unfragranced; Non-corrosive; Non-toxic; Non-staining Non-caustic; Biodegradeable


Recommended Uses:

In-situ terminal cleaning, disinfection & odour control of healthcare suction systems.Odour control & unblocking of inground drains which contain congealed organic matter. Cleaning & disinfection of hard to reach, non-sensitive areas in air conditioning systems.


Instructions for use:

Shake well before use. Dilute Disinfecting Suction Cleaner as per below efficacy table, where 1% equals 10mL product per 1L of water or 1 dosing pump with 2.5L of water.. Pour or aspirate the diluted solution into the system. Allow the contact time of your required efficacy before flushing the system. For badly maintained systems (or the initial 4 uses), leave the solution in the system overnight, flushing the system the following morning. Dilute only enough for immediate single use – if unused, discard within 7 days of dilution. Repeat daily.



Latex gloves & chemical splash goggles are required when handling or discarding the product.


Product Description:

Available sizes: 20L, 5L, 1L, 1L Dosing Bottle

Dilution Factor: 1:100 or 1% (10mL per L)

Physical Form: Translucent pink-orange liquid

Odour: Mild chemical smell

pH: Concentrate and dilute: 12-13

Risk Classification: B / IIa

GMDN Code: 47631

GMDN Descriptor: Medical Device Disinfectant

NRCS Reg. no.: ACT29GNR529/242056/040/496

Medical Device Reg. No.: Awaiting Class Registration Call-up

Incompatibility: Anionic detergents, Strong oxidisers

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