High Level Instrument Disinfectant

Active Ingredients:

15% Isopropylol; 0.5% QAC Blend;

0.5% Tertiary Amine; 0.8% pH Buffer;

0.8% Corrosion Inhibitor; 0.3% Surfactant


Product characteristics:

Ready-to-use; Unfragranced;

Non-corrosive; Non-toxic; Non-staining

Non-caustic; Biodegradeable


Recommended Uses:

Disinfection of pre-cleaned

thermo-sensitive instruments.

Disinfection of pre-cleaned

instruments where a functional calibrated

autoclave is unavailable.

Where access to an approved, regularly maintained and tested autoclave is available, the autoclave should always be considered the primary means of sterilisation.


Instructions for use:

Decant the required amount of Cold Sterilant into a clean, dry, covered stainless steel or HDPE receptacle. Completely immerse thoroughly disassembled, pre-cleaned, rinsed & dried instruments / devices in the liquid, ensuring that any hinges or joints are in the open position. Allow a contact time as per your desired efficacy – see below efficacy table. Remove the instruments / devices from the liquid using sterile forceps, and follow the post-sterilisation procedure of the facility. Tray-life of the liquid should be tested weekly using M.E.C. strips. The product should have a tray-life of between 21 & 28 days, should the strips prove a shorter life, check your instrument cleaning process. For best results, replace the liquid every 28 days, or as soon as an MEC Test Strip reads less than 1000ppm active ingredient, or immediately if any change in liquid colour occurs.



Latex or nitrile gloves for sensitive skin, however OHSA requires the use of eye protection & good ventilation when mixing, handling or discarding chemical disinfectants.


Product Description:

  • Available sizes: 20L, 5L, 1L
  • Dilution Factor: Ready to use
  • Physical Form: Translucent blue liquid
  • Odour: Mild chemical fragrance
  • pH: 7-8
  • Tray Life: 21-28 days (MEC Test Strips available)
  • Product Risk Classification: C / IIb
  • GMDN Code: 47631
  • GMDN Descriptor: Medical Device Disinfectant
  • NRCS Reg. no: CT29GNR529/242056/040/497
  • Incompatibilities: Anionic detergents, Natural Soaps, Strong oxidisers
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