HealthCare Surface & Equipment Disinfecting Wipes

Active Ingredients:

0.075% Fifth generation QAC Blend;

0.5% Preservative.


Product characteristics:

Vacuum-impregnated; Unfragranced;

Non-corrosive; Non-toxic; Non-staining

Non-caustic; Convenient


Recommended Uses:

Healthcare surface disinfection.

Medical Device disinfection.

Disinfection of high-touch items, especially where the use of a spray disinfectant is inadvisable.


Instructions for use:

To begin: Remove the lid & remove the sealed in­ner bag. Ensure that the leading wipe is at the top, cut open the bag & place it back in the tub. Open the flap in the lid & pull the leading wipe slowly through the hole. Replace the lid onto the tub and the wipes are ready to use.  When needed: Simply pull out a wipe, tear it off on the perforation and use. Best results are achieved when used on a visibly clean, dry surface. Allow the contact time of your required efficacy, (as per the efficacy table below right), before using the surface again. Repeat as often as required by your Infection Control protocol (suggested proto­cols available on request). Always ensure that the flap is tightly shut after use to prevent drying out of the wipes. Wipe material is not efficiently biodegradable.



None strictly necessary, however OHSA requires the use of eye protection & good ventilation when mixing, handling or discarding chemical disinfectants.


Product Description:

Available sizes: 100s Tub; 100s Refill (Wipe Size: 200mm x 140mm)

Dilution Factor: Not applicable - pre-impregnated wipe

Physical Form: White, non-woven wipe

Odour: Mild chemical fragrance

pH: 5-6.5

Risk Classification: B / II

GMDN Code: 58077

GMDN Descriptor:

Medical Device Disinfection Wipe

NRCS Reg. no.: ACT5GNR529/242613/040/0256

Medical Device Reg. No.: Pending

Incompatibility: Anionic detergents, Natural Soaps, Strong oxidisers

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