Helioseal F Plus - The efficient fissure sealant for the protection of pits and fissures

Helioseal F Plus by Ivoclar Vivadent is a white-pigmented, fluoride-releasing fissure sealant, indicated to seal pits, fissures, and Foramina Caeca. Sealing pits and fissures with an impenetrable layer creates a barrier and prevents bacteria from growing in them. The tight marginal seal provides protection, thereby making them less susceptible to caries.

Advantages and benefits for the practice team:

  1. Optimised consistency with ideal viscosity: its new formula boasts excellent flow and wetting properties due to its special thixotropic properties, allowing optimal flow when forces are applied -and when forces cease, it returns to its initial viscosity. It flows into fissures, adapts well and optimally spreads on complex surfaces – even in the upper jaw.
  2. Reduced exposure time with fast light-curing using the appropriate curing light at an intensity of 1000mW/cm², it cures in only ten seconds!
  3. Fast and efficient, it therefore offers a quick, comfortable treatment for children.
  4. Accurate dispensing and precise application allows efficient treatment, thanks to the handy syringe and fine applicator tip.
  5. Overfilling is also prevented, allowing accurate dosage with the optimised interior design of the 0.4mm fine cannula tip.
  6. Long-term retention with effective sealing: tight marginal seal and high shear bond strength to enamel. Offers defence against cariogenic bacteria.
  7. Fine-grained fillers: it contains innovative, fine-grained fillers that are responsible for producing a smooth sealant surface.
  8. Free from bisphenol A: It does not contain any substances that may be a source of bisphenol A.
  9. Each 1g syringe is sufficient for 32 permanent molar sealants (in the case that the tip is replaced between every sealant placed). Even more if sealing several adult teeth or if deciduous teeth are sealed. 

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Dirna Grobbelaar (Ivodent's oral hygienist): "I have done a few sealants and I found that it is FABULOUS!!!!! Viscosity is perfect - penetrated fissures well, but did not run to much. Also lived the thin nozzle. Made accurate application very easy and quick. Best sealant I have ever used. Truly."

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