Garrison FitSTRIP Interproximal Finishing Strips Serrated

Bulk: 10 strips, 2 handles. Standard: 4 strips


FitStrip™ make your finishing and contouring procedure easier!

One handy handle! FitStrips’ simple, detachable handle makes a world of difference for both clinician ease of use and patient comfort. Your hand stays outside the mouth, granting a clear field of view and easier operation.

Do the Twist! Twist the color-coded barrel to adjust FitStrips’ curvature and it’s automatically locked in place. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Ready for a marathon! FitStrips are very durable and long-lasting. They stay sharp and ready to go even after multiple autoclave cycles.

FitStrip™ is indicated for composite restorations (contouring/ finishing all interproximal surfaces), orthodontics (IPR/tooth slenderizing), and crown and bridge (cement removal and clean-up).


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