What Is Diashine?

DiaShine Polishing Compound is a premier polishing paste for every dental restorative material (ceramics, composites, provisionals and metals). The combination of our unique carrier (binder) with our specific sized & shaped diamond particles make polishing less wasteful and creates a very quick high lustre finish.

DiaShine, comprised of food grade materials, is completely water soluble and versatile using the paste/brush technique allowing the user to easily reach the entire anatomy. Used as recommended, DiaShine does not remove the restorative material therefore keeping the morphology and integrity of the restoration intact.

By polishing with DiaShine, a much smoother surface is achieved which may enhance bio-compatibility with gingiva, reduce wear of the opposing dentition and lessen the chance of surface micro fractures.

How Do I Get Diashine Onto The Bristle Brush?

Part of what makes DiaShine work so well is the unique binder; there is no need to add water or any other substance to the polish.

Simply take your bristle brush or felt of choice, run it at a low speed (5k rpm is recommended) and slowly dip the brush into the tub. The friction created will melt the paste onto the brush. When you see the brush changing to the colour of the paste, you have enough.

How Does DiaShine Work?

Because of the unique composition of the binder/carrier, the compound stays on the rotary applicator and the object being polished. This coupled with the specific size & shape of our diamond powder enables a high gloss finish to be obtained quickly and with minimal effort.

What Are The Different Types Of Diashine And What Are They Used For?

The Fine grit is the most popular and available in two versions, Fine and Fine Soft. Fine is a very hard compound and is best used with a stiff bristle brush or felt. Fine Soft is a slightly softer version of the Fine and can be used on composites or the newer nano and hybrid ceramics.

Medium DiaShine will give you a quick high shine, but not a high lustre – this can also be used to bring a shine back.

Coarse is used for obtaining a matte finish or for smoothing (prepping) the surface for final polishing – great for smoothing out occlusal anatomy.

Intra Oral is the chairside version of the Fine grit for polishing after adjusting in the mouth.

What About The I/O (Intra-Oral) Diashine?

Intra Oral is the softest version of DiaShine allowing for easy extrusion from the syringe for polishing chairside. Similar to the laboratory versions, this is also food grade. The Intra Oral has a mild peppermint odour and slightly higher concentration of diamond powder. Intra Oral DiaShine can be used on any type of restorative material such as ceramics, composites, provisionals and metals.

How Do I Apply The I/O (Intra-Oral) Diashine?

Extrude a small amount of polish directly onto the restoration or rub onto restoration with your finger. Spread the polish over the surface with your brush of choice (See our brushes HERE) at around 5k rpm. After spreading the polish onto the restoration, increase speed to around 10k rpm.

How Do I Use Diashine With Ceramics?

The surface to be polished should be properly prepped or smoothed; use of rubber wheels/points or Coarse DiaShine can be used to prep the surface.

Lightly load DiaShine onto a bristle brush or felt by slowly (around 5k rpm) rotating the brush/felt in the tub of DiaShine. The friction will ‘melt’ the paste onto the brush. Apply the polish to the restorative surface at a relatively low speed first. Once polish is on the restoration, increase speed to around 10k rpm and slowly move the brush over the surface with moderate pressure on the pull stroke. One brush can polish the entire restoration as it will adapt to the contours. For more information on particular restorative material protocols, access our “Tutorials” Section HERE.

How Do I Remove Excess Material After Polishing?

All DiaShine polish is completely water soluble. You may use a soft brush or similar tool to remove excess polish. Another option is to spray away the excess.

Can I Polish Metals?

Yes, all types of metals can be polished to a high lustre, including gold alloys and titanium. However, polishing metals will stain the bristle brush or felt – do not use the same brush on ceramics.

What Do You Suggest For Applying The Compound?

We recommend using bristle brushes and sometimes felts for applications.

To apply the Fine DiaShine, use of a stiff or medium bristle brush is best. For Fine Soft, Medium, Coarse and Super Fine, you may use a soft or medium bristle brush. When polishing most ceramics, the soft, medium or stiff bristle brushes will be sufficient. However on the nano and hybrid materials, we recommend a soft or medium bristle brush so as not to take away any of the restorative surface. Experimentation will allow the user to modify this technique to his/her specific needs.

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