PROGRAMAT CS2 200-240V/50-60HZ




Ivoclar Vivadent Equipment: Furnaces

Programat CS2

Programat S2 is a compact furnace designed for sintering copings, frameworks and full-contour restorations made of IPS e.max ZirCAD or other zirconium oxide materials using a temperature of up to 1600°C. Programat S2 is integrated into the Ivoclar Vivadent workflow , providing optimally coordinated processing steps and consistently high-quality results.

Until recently, these processes would usually have taken five to eight hours to complete. Now, Programat S2 reduces the time required for sintering an IPS e.max ZirCAD crown coping to about 75 minutes[1]. With the Programat Dosto tray, approx. 40 single crowns can now be sintered at the same time in a single firing process, instead of only 25 as before.

Modern design and intuitive operation

  • Optimized firing tray for more space and better cooling
  • New membrane-sealed keypad with proven colour touchscreen display
  • Extension of OSD display to include the operating status “cooling”
  • Efficient and reliable performance due to software optimizations

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