High-Level Instrument Disinfectant

Active Ingredients:

0.575% Ortho-pthalaldehyde;

0.4% Rust Inhibitor; 2% Surfactant; 97.025% Inert Ingredients


Product characteristics:

Ready-to -use; Locally Made;

Non-corrosive; Non-staining Non-caustic; Biodegradeable


Recommended Uses:

Sterilisation / disinfection of pre-cleaned thermo-sensitive instruments. Sterilisation / disinfection of pre-cleaned instruments where a functional calibrated autoclave is unavailable.


Instructions for use:

Decant the required amount of OPA into a clean, dry, covered stainless steel or HDPE receptacle. Completely immerse thoroughly disassembled, pre-cleaned, rinsed & dried instruments / devices in the liquid, ensuring that any hinges or joints are in the open position. Allow a contact time as per your desired efficacy – see below efficacy table. Remove the instruments / devices from the liquid using sterile forceps, and follow the post-sterilisation procedure of the facility. Tray-life of the liquid should be tested weekly using M.E.C. strips. The product should have a tray-life of between 14 & 21 days, should the strips prove a shorter life, check your instrument cleaning process. For best results, replace the liquid every 14 days, or as soon as an MEC Test Strip reads less than 0.5% active ingredient, or immediately if any change in liquid colour occurs.



Latex or nitrile gloves, protective aprons and chemical splash goggles. Use only in well-ventilated areas.


Product Description:

Available sizes: 20L, 5L, 1L

Dilution Factor: Ready to use

Physical Form: Pale yellow liquid

Odour: Chemical Odour

pH: 7-9

Risk Classification: C / IIb

GMDN Code: 40579

GMDN Descriptor: Gluteraldehyde Device Sterilant

NRCS Reg. no.: Pending

Medical Device Reg. No.: Awaiting Registration Call-up

Incompatibility: Do not mix with other chemicals

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