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Product Info

GUM Twisted Floss

A refreshing twist on interdental care

For a fresh twist to your daily self-care routine, use GUM Twisted Floss.

GUM Twisted Floss is made with two strands of shred-resistant floss twisted together to provide 30% more flossing surface than single-strand floss, giving a superb clean. It’s waxed to glide smoothly in the tightest of interdental spaces, removing plaque and food debris, and leaving you with the fresh, clean sensation of minty green tea.

Designed for people who are proud to care for their oral health and overall well-being. Healthy habits last when they feel good.


GUM Twisted Floss is available from Dis-Chem and selected dentists.

What makes GUM Twisted Floss special?

  • 30% more flossing surface than single strand floss
  • Smooth and waxed, glides easily in the tightest of interdental spaces
  • Refreshing minty green tea taste
  • Gentle on the gums

Ideal for:

People with tight gaps between their teeth.

If you have any questions read our expert article on interdental care or email [email protected].

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