PrograMill PM7 Tools (Suitable for COBALT CHROMIUM/TITANIUM)


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PrograMill tools

A wide selection of PrograMill tools gives users a variety of processing options.  In addition to tools for the milling of zirconium oxide, PMMA and wax, specially designed tools for eg: IPS e.max CAD for PrograMill are available. Moreover, the range also includes single-bladed, high-quality tools for the optimized milling polymer materials.

The PrograMill tools are colour coded by means of a ring on the shaft. Each colour represents a different material. The colour coding is visible not only on the user interface of the PrograMill milling machines but also on the materials and packages.

Your benefits:

  • Specially developed and adapted to CAD/CAM materials and the PrograMill milling strategies
  • Innovative colour concept
  • Optimal production results

Different coatings and shaft sizes

Depending on the material to be processed, the tools have a diamond coating (recognizable due to black shade). This coating prolongs the service life. Diamond grinders are suitable for glass ceramic materials. This coating is noted by the coarser grain size on the surface. The tools’ geometry is divided into different shaft diameters depending on their area of indication in the individual milling machines.

  • PrograMill tool yellow 1.0c for PM 7 c = coated (coating for a longer tool life and long-lasting performance)
  • PrograMill tool green f1.5 for PM 7 f = flat (special geometry with a flat cutting edge)
  • PrograMill tool red g2.0 for PM7 g = grinder (diamond coated grinder for the wet processing of glass-ceramics)
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