Dual Active Hand Sanitizer

Active Ingredients:

SteriTech NZYMed 100 contains 4% Enzyme blend (lipase, protease / amylase / pectinase /carbohydrase / invertase) and 13% Surfactants.


Product characteristics:

Point of Use

Designed for point of use application to soiled instruments


Removes proteins, blood, fatty tissue, saliva & other soils.


Concentrated product ensures economical, large scale usage within healthcare faclities.


Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-staining, non-caustic and biodegradeable.

Dual Formulation

Combined enzymatics and surfactants gives a best of ‘both worlds’ scenario - biofilm removal and pathogen membrane disruption.

Minimal Scrubbing

Designed to minimise the need for mechani­cal intervention (scrub­bing) wherever possi­ble during instrument reprocessing.


Recommended Uses:

Cleaning of soiled instruments and medical devices during reprocessing.

Cleaning of hygiene sensitive surfaces within Healthcare.

Protein and blood removal from surfaces.


Instructions for use:

Dilute with warm water (25°C - 48°C) at a rate of 1:100 (10mL product per 1L water). Double the dilution rate if extremely heavy bio-load is suspected. For manual soaking: decant into a clean, dry receptacle. Ensure that there is enough solution in the receptacle to completely cover immersed instruments. Disassemble in­struments and open all joints and hinges prior to immersion. Allow the instruments to soak for a minimum of 2 minutes, or up to 10 minutes if the bio-burden has dried on the instruments. Single batch use solution once diluted.



Latex gloves are required for prolonged contact. HICPAC Guidelines recommend the use of dispos­able plastic aprons & latex gloves when mixing, handling or disposing chemical agents.


Product Description:

Available sizes: 5L, 1L Dosing Bottle

Dilution Factor: Dilute 1:100 (10mL per 1L water)

Physical Form: Blue-Green liquid

Odour: Mild citrus smell

pH: 6.5-8.5

Risk Classification: A / I

GMDN Code: 38773

GMDN Descriptor: Medical Device Decontamination Agent

Medical Device Reg. No.: Awaiting Registration Call-up

Incompatibility: Do not mix with other chemicals.

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