Ivoclar Vivadent Telio System

Telio CS Inlay / Onlay

Telio CS Inlay and Telio CS Onlay from Ivoclar Vivadent are light-cured single-component materials which allow dentists to temporize both Class I and II cavities – without having to additionally use a temporary cement. Telio CS Inlay and Onlay round off the Telio system, which is the most comprehensive system for the temporary restoration of teeth available to date.

The soft-elastic final consistency of Telio CS Inlay makes it particularly suitable for use in the temporization of deep, parallel-walled inlay preparations, even if slight undercuts are present. Dentists may also use Telio CS Inlay to reline prefabricated polycarbonate crowns or seal implant screw channels. Telio CS Onlay features a hard-elastic consistency and is thus the material of choice if larger or less retentive preparations such as onlay preparations are temporized.


  • Fast and easy application
  • Easy and quick removal (in one piece)
  • Low formation of marginal gaps thanks to the low volume shrinkage


Telio CS Inlay:

  • Temporization of deep inlay preparations with parallel walls
  • Sealing of implant screw access holes
  • Relining of prefabricated, temporary crowns and bridges made of polycarbonate or methacrylates.

Telio CS Onlay:

  • Temporization of large, shallow cavities (Onlays)
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