Ivoclar Vivadent emax CAD Crystal

IPS e.max CAD Crystallization Kit

Lithium-disilicate glass ceramic blocks. To produce fully anatomic restorations with maximum stability, resilience as well as proven clinical properties. The blocks are processed in a "soft" intermediate state in which the innovative material shows its characteristic bluish colour. In a quick crystallisation process the restoration gains its final stability and the desired aesthetic properties such as tooth shade, translucence and brightness.


  • High flexural strength;
  • Outstanding aesthetics with optional individualisation;
  • Comprehensive range of indications;
  • High clinical evidence in long-term scientific research;
  • Fast and economical processing;
  • Clinically tested and versatile cementing options.

3 crystallization shade (1, 2, I1) 3 g each;
3 crystallization stains (white, sunset, mahogany) 1 g each;
1 crystallization glaze paste 3 g;
1 crystallization glaze liquid 15 ml;
1 crystallization glaze spray 270 ml;
1 crystallization add-on incisal 5 g;
1 crystallization add-on liquid allround 15 ml;
1 crystallization tray;
1 IPS Object Fix flow 10 ml;
1 IPS Object Fix putty 10 g;
1 IPS ceramic etching gel kit;
1 OptraStick trial pack;
1 IPS natural die material shade guide;
1 IPS e.max Press CAD LT shade guide.

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