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EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy – The Game Changer!
With Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), you are opting for the ‘gold standard’ in professional prophylactic treatment.  As patients become aware how preventive oral care can reduce the need for expensive restorative work, the more they will demand dental practices to make the latest technological developments and procedures available.

GBT leads the paradigm shift in professional prophylaxis based on the latest scientific evidence. It employs the AIR-FLOW® method which has the following proven benefits:

  • Improves visibility of calculus

  • Minimises harmful oral bacteria

  • Significantly enhances patient comfort

  • Reduces effort and the strain on the practitioner when using ultrasonic devices

  • Saves time that can be better used during the consultation

Dental hygienists in South Africa can become accredited GBT professionals with the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) training conducted by local oral hygienist Dirna Grobbelaar, one of only four SDA qualified trainers in the country. Grobbelaar offers GBT training at Ivodent’s International Centre for Dental Education (ICDE) in Cape Town and other training venues around the country – watch IvodentSA Facebook Events for dates and venues.

Ivodent’s SDA programme covers Guided Biofilm Therapy, implant cleaning and safe usage of the Air-Flow and Piezon instrumentation with added clinical and scientific evidence and practical exercises. 

“Guided Biofilm Therapy is so different, innovative and effective that it makes oral hygiene exciting again,” says Grobbelaar. “Whilst the GBT protocol is different to what we were taught in some ways, it also helps improve important basics, such as using a plaque indicator and improving scaling technique.”

By offering GBT your dental practice benefits:

  • the patient – a pain-free and minimally invasive procedure

  • the hygienist – reduces time and effort for maximum results

  • the practice – adds value to services offered

Ivodent exclusively supplies South Africa with the EMS (Electro Medical Systems) prophylaxis device - quality made in Switzerland. EMS are experts in removing biofilm - the root cause of tooth decay, periodontitis and peri-implantitis - with scientifically proven methods and breakthrough products. Your patients will enjoy natural and healthy teeth and implants for much longer.

Additional information on EMS 

A distinct desire for innovation, a unique idea and a good sense for the challenges in modern dental offices were the key ingredients to the founding of EMS Electro Medical Systems in Switzerland in 1981 by Bernd Bühner and Pierre Mabille. In 1983 they presented their first prophylaxis devices with the  AIR-FLOW® and PIEZON®, systems, which have dramatically changed the modern approach to dental care. They have always been guided by a specific conviction: that a visit to the dentist should be pleasant and painless. With this vision, EMS has become one of the world's most successful dental companies. Today, more than 500 people work with EMS each day to make dental prophylaxis increasingly successful, fast, painless and effective.




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